Drae Box is an author success mentor and fantasy author. For nearly a decade, she has studied book marketing and awareness building strategies for fiction authors. Trained in email list building and product launches, she regularly observes and analyses the launches of successful books in the independent and traditional publishing sectors. She uses her analysis and research to help her authors and their books to reach success.

Along with her growing connections with successful independent authors, Drae is often on social media, chatting with other creative writers and observing the way in which big name, successful authors use them. She continues to run her own experiments on a monthly (sometimes daily) basis by using herself and her books as guinea pigs. When not studying the author industry or writing her own fiction, Drae is guiding other fiction authors with personalised and actionable steps they can take to grow their success and that of their books.

Her experiments, training and research have served her and others well; her debut fantasy, The Royal Gift, shifted 10,038 in eight months and eleven days. More than once it has held second and third place in its Amazon rankings.

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