Let’s Chat!

I’m Drae, a YA fantasy author and author success mentor. I’m here to help serious fiction writers become serious and successful authors. This is an adventure I started without meaning to in 2006, when I began exploring the possibilities in book marketing and how to be, “good enough,” for an agent.

Back then in my teens, I was hopeful, but I wasn’t going to leave becoming an author to chance. I researched, observed and picked apart what successful authors (and publishers) were doing, then started to run my own experiments. A decade later, I’ve had fan mail and my debut YA fantasy book has done really well; it reached 10,038 sold and freely downloaded copies in ten months and eleven days since its release. It’s even been second and third in its Amazon categories on more than one occasion. It’s continuing to do well too.

I want this for you too. In fact, I want you to do it better and faster than me.

That’s why I’m opening up my calendar to help you figure out who your ideal reader is. Before we get started, I need you to book 10 minutes below for a free chat about what you’ve done so far and where you feel you’re continuing to struggle to grow awareness. Then we’ll discuss some ways we can work together to define your ideal reader (or readers) and how to get in front of them to grow your fanbase and sell more books.