Nov 23rd MyBB 2.0 & MyBB 1.8 Themes

At this time we have decided not to create any more 1.8 MyBB themes. We will continue to code themes for MyBB once 2.0 is released. Drae has made this decision due to the coming change to MyBB templates when 2.0 is released; MyBB announced a little while ago that they will be using the Twig Template Engine for 2.0 instead of their previous ... Read More »

Aug 4th Custom Coding Prices Increasing Soon

Hey everyone! Drae here. As many of you may know, Draebox only has one member on the team that can code and design websites and forums - myself. It's one of the funner parts of being the founder of Draebox - helping you all have amazing websites visually, so you can focus on making the projects more of a success (and so you've already grabbed ... Read More »

Jul 25th 1.6 MyBB End of Life & Help

We have been aware for some time that the MyBB Group will no longer supports 1.6 themselves from September, preferring to focus their progress at the 1.8 and 2.0 versions of MyBB forums instead. We didn't want to leave you completely in the lurch, and so only now have decided on Draebox's response. When online site software becomes increasing ... Read More »

Jan 4th The New Draebox Logo

Hi guys!

We've been working hard in the background since November to update Draebox, and as part of that, we decided to give Draebox a new logo. Here it is:


You'll spot it on our invoices and emails straight away. We'll be updating your cpanels, the Draebox website and the affiliate/hosted by badges soon!

Dec 11th Christmas Availability

Morning guys!From 20th December until the 28th December, I will be away from my usual facilities due to Christmas. Everything will be as normal (support, enquiries etc) except for coding of commissioned websites/forums and for any installs someone would prefer I do for them onto their hosting. Though I won't have access to my usual computers ... Read More »

Sep 23rd Domain Registration Coming Soon to Draebox!

Hey guys!

Draebox will be offering domain registration in the near future. We'll be aiming to be cheaper than most other providers, so keep an eye out for that if it's something you'd be interested in!

Until next time,

Jul 13th New Client Area Online

Hey guys!If you're reading this, then you've reached the Draebox's new client area! With the growth of Draebox's popularity, it was time to make it a little easier on everybody to make payments and order new products. This new client area also supports multiple currencies, so that saves everyone a few seconds from googling the latest conversion ... Read More »

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