You’re welcome to contact me for any reason. I really appreciate your interest in reaching out to me. I do my best to reply to everyone as soon as I can, but if you don’t hear from me in 14 days, you’ve very welcome to resend your message.

FAQ: I’ve heard you take clients to mentor for email list building, building awareness of your books and growing your fanbase. How can I get your help?

Answer: I love working with serious authors one-to-one, but I only offer my mentoring services to those in Writers’ Club at set times of the year. I recommend you join Writers’ Club because it also means you’ll get a lot of help throughout the year for free, including worksheet and case studies. But if you’re really desperate to work with me one-to-one and can’t wait, you’re welcome to contact me below if you tell me what your biggest struggle is right now, what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve that in particular.


FAQ: I’m already a client – what’s the best way to contact you for support?

Answer: You can email me at the usual email we converse with or use the form above, organise a chat on Skype with me or if you’re a hosting client, you can also open a ticket. Speak to you soon!

FAQ: How do I get on your podcast for creative writers and thinkers?

Answer: Just contact me below. I accept pre-published and post-published authors of fiction, but also creative thinkers such as successful entrepreneurs and business coaches. If you’re not sure, ask me anyway. The worst I can do is email you back with an apologetic no.