The Aim for More Podcast Episode 4 with Holly Worton

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About Holly Worton

Holly is a business mindset coach for women entrepreneurs who works with women to take their business to the next level. She help them release their fear of visibility, set aligned prices for their products and services, and take inspired action to grow their business.

Why Drae Loves this Episode

Holly is a lovely lady and this episode is one of my favourites because she shares how she had to take a break to disconnect from her old identity from working in the hotel industry. We’re starting to see the beginning of a pattern here too – when a big change appears in our lives, successful people sometimes have to step back and take a break.


Some Key Takeaways

  1. “Quitting my first business was like, ‘oh shit, what do I do?'”
  2. “Take some time off and go into nature.”
  3. “Always remember who you are.”
  4. “Follow your gut.”

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