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About Padraig O’Callaghan

Padraig was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Raised in an academic minded household the young author was taught to always respect people’s feelings, and to understand the insight of others. From this upbringing he went on to study Anthropology and Linguistics at Western Washington university, and learn Gaelic in Ireland while studying abroad. These experiences have coalesced into Padraig’s ongoing interest in indigenous language, and cultural identity. Seeking to better resolve issues of representation and diversity in modern storytelling, zhe hopes to pen stories which express the struggles of modern life, an action zhe hopes will draw greater attention to problems often overlooked in today’s world.

Why Drae Loves this Episode

Padraig talks a lot about community management and how that’s helping him and others in his online community to do well.

Key Take Away

” Go out there and start talking to people, build up a group of friends you can rely upon, start getting together and find a group to give you the experience you need. ”

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