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Plot & Idea Development Starts: Dax the Dragon Master

11 November 12:00 am

It started with nightmares.

It ended with dragons.

Dax the Dragon Master is a sword-and-sorcery novel with series potential.

Dax has avoided being the Scriflight the kingdom needs him to be. He doesn’t want to befriend dragons or make sure the jinn stay within the Iron Wall’s confines, but he also doesn’t know what he wants to do instead.

When his father’s body is returned from beyond the Wall, Dax knows he must go and find Keera. She was his father’s broodmother dragon – a dragon responsible for the birth of hundred of dragons, and their offspring – and can call thousands of dragons to the aid of humans, elves and dwarves should the jinn escape the Iron Wall.

But what he finds endangers all mortals. A new higher being has descended upon the mortal realm. A creature that can unite the jinn and melt the Iron Wall.

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