Forged in Magic

Failing magic. Kingdoms of sand. Airships and assassins.

Welcome to Amurski, Queldar and Voremel.

Currently in its first phase of structural edits, End of Magic Forged in Magic is a standalone that was prepared through my Youtube series, From Idea to the End: Writing Stories.

We’re on schedule for a release in 2020.

The blurb is yet to be ironed out. What I can promise you is a kick-ass female protagonist, with the back-up of a just as kick-ass male protagonist and as is always the way with my tales, a fast-paced action-adventure fantasy story with a few giggles.

Series or Standalone: Standalone

Character World: Aritair

Genre: YA fantasy-adventure, coming of age.

Expected Release: 2019

Expected Formats: Kindle, paperback, hardback and audiobook (hardback and paperback may have different covers to the Kindle edition).