For Ingrid’s Readers


When Ingrid sent me the interview questions, I wanted to give you all a gift.

The answer was a no-brainer. A lot of the questions Ingrid asked were specific to being a serious author, so I have an invitation for you!

Writers’ Club Invitation

When I first started my transition from writer to published author, I was completely by myself. It was 2006, and I’d just headed to the nearby red postbox and posted my submission to an agent in London. I was hopeful and excited – my manuscript would be in the hands of someone who knew good from bad and looked at stories on a daily basis.

I never heard back from that agent.

In hindsight, sending out the second revision of my manuscript was a bad idea, and so was adding, “I’m seventeen years old, but please don’t hold that against me,” in my covering letter to the agent.

But that’s OK, because that was the year I started my change from writer to published author. A little over a decade later, and the research, analysis and experiments I’ve done are all waiting to be shared with writers like you. Don’t be on your own as you work your way through the reams of information or the mess-ups that are available to us, whether we plan to be traditionally published, independently published or a hybrid author. It’s time to stop struggling to find time to write and stop running around like a headless chicken with your marketing, trying anything and everything in the hope it sticks like spaghetti on a wall.

Want help with your writing?

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You won’t be alone, you don’t have to fear your writing, and you definitely don’t have to struggle to find time to have fun writing!

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