Student Case Study: Nancy and the Struggle to Pinpoint and Correct Conflict

About Nancy, A Novel Workshopping Student

Nancy was a pre-published author who was struggling with her story. Her story was originally written three years before she started working with me, so Nancy came to me after several revisions and at a loss to improve it further. She reached out to me on Twitter and we jumped onto Skype for our initial session. We have been working together weekly on her manuscript for the past five months to reach deep down into the guts of her story and shape it into a beautiful tale.


How We Worked Together

In our first session, we identified the problem was the flow of the story and the conflict so we focused in on those two areas. We expanded our attention to include the characters’ internal and external stakes which weren’t clear to a reader without Nancy’s knowledge of her characters.



No longer stuck for a direction to work further on her story, Nancy’s novel is getting stronger each month. New sections are being added, some old unneeded scenes are being removed, the conflict is becoming more robust and present, and the characters are not dealing with the conflict by coincidence.


Nancy shares how she felt before she reached out for help and her experience working together below.

Pulling at my hair and crying would be the honest truth

I was really struggling with not only adding conflict to the story in a more forthright manner but also was having problems with pacing and applying content in a more smooth and connective way.

The issues I knew were there and yet could not seem to iron out had me up in tangle trees. (It shows I sleep to books on tape – Tangle tree is from the Zanth series by Piers Anthony.) Pulling at my hair and crying would be the honest truth but I like my first turn of phrase better.


What was it like working with Drae?

Working with Drae is plain and simply a breath of fresh air. She gets me and what is more she gets my book! Not the way she would write it but the way it is trying to BE written and that is a skill I get excited about.


What results are you enjoying?

I am not stuck anymore. Oh still short on time in which to type and horrible at making it to the computer at every opportunity but, when I do have the time to sit and type I CAN and that is worth every penny.


Who would you recommend work with Drae if they need help with their author careers too?

I would and have recommended Drae to a couple others and may at some point in the future talk more to her about working with my niece.  Truly for anyone that has the driving need to get a book written and yet needs someone to give them those extra insights I would not hesitate a moment to mention Drae.

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