The Royal Gift - Two Giftens 2019 Edition

The first instalment of the Two Giftens series.

Aldora didn’t plan to be anything more than her father’s helping hand in his businesses. She barely knew anything of her home kingdom outside of her village. But on the morning her village is attacked, the king sends Aldora on an assignment: find the just-stolen Dagger of Protection – a magic artefact her village inherited – and use it to save everyone she’s ever known.

Accompanied by the talking Prince of the Cats, and a law enforcing soldier she rescues, Aldora discovers that the theft isn’t as simple as a single thief. She must learn to trust in herself and her friends, find the Dagger of Protection, and race home before there’s nobody left to save.


The 2014 completely rewritten version of The Royal Gift was previously published in 2015. The Two Giftens Series edition is a completely rewritten version and has an improved ending.

Expected Release Date: 10th September 2019