Broken Crown


Releases for the first (and only) time in 2019.


Out of allies and out of time!

After hunting down the Shotput of Power, Royal Official Captain Raneth Bayre and Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma fly home to Giften.

But something’s wrong.

Aldora’s village has been destroyed – this time burned beyond recognition – and the royal palace is empty. Confused, the two friends head to Wisner City to find out what’s happened since they left for Newer Kingdom. Aldora’s uncle has become the Kingdom’s Guardian – a self-given title since he stole the Giften Kingdom from King Cray. His men consist mostly of criminals wooed to his side – the Brethren, men and women who use their gifts to subdue Giften citizens, and the Guardsmen, those in service to Denzel Leoma and his organisation, Broken Crown, who choose to use weapons to help govern the kingdom.

With Raneth setup for kidnapping Aldora, they barely have time to breathe before they have to flee.

As Raneth works to save Giften from Denzel Leoma and his terrorist organisation, Aldora has to choose sides: Raneth and the Giften they knew before, or her uncle and the deadly version of Giften her home is becoming…

Book four in The Common Kingdoms Series (a 5-book YA fantasy series)!
Book five, Daggerless, releases 3.12.19
Perfect for fans of Sabriel, Circle of Shadows and/or book one of the Throne of Glass series.