They’ve saved the kingdom, but the clean-up isn’t their next challenge…

It’s been a hard two weeks since Aldora and Raneth saved Giften from Aldora’s uncle and his terrorist organisation.

As the royal official captain, Raneth has been working as the acting regent as they await King Cray’s return. Aldora, without the Dagger of Protection, a home or the trust of the Giften people, has been doing what little she can to help. Going from one of the kingdom’s celebrated heroes to a disgrace has been a hard fall for her, but Raneth still trusts her.

But he’s not sure they can get married now. With popular opinion being that Aldora led him into a trap, he fears that the king, his father and his Godmother will force him to marry somebody the Giften people would prefer.

But the king never reaches the palace.

He, his family and his household are murdered, and when Raneth goes to investigate, he find the culprits waiting for him…

In this final conclusion of The Common Kingdoms / Two Giftens Series, Aldora and Raneth discover who is really¬†behind everything that has happened to them and Giften since the day they met: who forced Aldora’s uncle to want the Dagger of Protection for his safety, who manipulated crime in Giften to reach records highs – forcing the law enforcers to stretch themselves thin – who originally created the terrorist organisation Aldora’s uncle stole and that caused the first sighting of the Shotput of Power in years.

They thought Denzel was bad, but at least he didn’t have the power their new enemy has.

As a bonus for fans of the series, Daggerless also contains a note from the author giving readers an opportunity to request a spin-off or sub-series, by following characters that supported Raneth and Aldora, or to pick from three potential ideas the author already has.


THE FINAL BOOK IN THE TWO GIFTENS SERIES. Launches for the first (and only time) in December 2019.