Shotput of Power


Releases for the first (and only) time in 2019.


Recently promoted to Captain of the Royal Officials, Raneth Bayre is beginning to feel the strain. Struggling to remain safe in the Bayre-Frey Feud and trying to set a good example to the royal officials under him, it’s no surprise he keeps getting hurt. All he wants to do is take some well-earned time off and spend some days with the woman he loves, Dagger Bearer Aldora Leoma.

For Aldora, a break for Raneth couldn’t come soon enough. In her role as the assistant village leader for her home and the official Bearer of the Dagger of Protection, Aldora’s been hearing whispers that crime in the Giften Kingdom is at an all-time high. Seeing how hard Raneth’s been working since he was promoted, she fears the whispers are true. Every time someone knocks on her door, she terrified it’s a royal messenger breaking the news that this time, Raneth won’t be in a hospital bed healing, but dead.

When he turns up in her village with an assignment that the king has given him as a working break, Aldora’s determined to go with him.

Their assignment?

To find the Shotput of Power, the only Weapon of Protection unaccounted for since it destroyed its own village.

Rumoured to be the most violent of the six Weapons of Protection, and knowing it’s in the Newer Kingdom, neither are quite sure what to expect.