The Royal Gift


Five days to save everyone she’s ever known.

The Giften Kingdom is famed for its people through the Common Kingdoms continent, many of whom provoke a gift – a magic spell in the blood – which could turn any battle. Yet there hasn’t been any wars or civil unrest in over a century, not since the last Dagger Bearer refused to retire the Dagger of Protection – one of six magic artefacts designed solely for the protection of the kingdom’s most vulnerable settlements.

The other thing Giften is known for are its royal officials – their specialised law enforcing soldiers – which Aldora Leoma never wanted to be.

With her focus on her father’s businesses – a blacksmiths, and horse breeding and rehabilitation centre – Aldora barely ever left her village. Yet when her village is attacked by fellow Giftens and the Dagger of Protection is discovered stolen, the king sees her as the village’s only hope. He charges her to find the Dagger of Protection to defend her home with its magic before the attackers can slaughter the villagers hiding underground. Prince Pedibastet, the talking Prince of Giften’s cats, opts to accompany her.

Without the tracking or fighting skills of a royal official, or a firm grasp of the kingdom’s geography, finding the Dagger of Protection seems impossible. Can Aldora save everyone she’s ever known?

THE ROYAL GIFT was originally released in 2015, but has been completely re-written and re-edited from the ground up to give a more satisfying read. This is the first book in a five book series.