The Royal Gift

You must be the hero when nobody else is available.

Waking to discover her home is under attack, Aldora is just as scared and confused as every other villager. They don’t know who their attackers are – fellow Giftens, yes – but who they represent and for what purpose they’re attacking the village is a mystery.

One that the village doesn’t have time to solve.

When the village leader goes to retrieve the village’s only line of defence – a magic artefact known as the Dagger of Protection – and discovers it missing, their situation becomes clear. They must send word to the nearby royal palace and get help.

Thrust into the role, Aldora arrives to be told that the nearest help is unavailable and that it’s up to her to save everyone she’s ever known. She must find the dagger to rescue the village, and with the attackers breaching, she has an estimated five days before the hiding villagers’ supplies run out.

Assuming the attackers don’t find them first.


THE ROYAL GIFT was originally released in 2015, but has been completely re-written and re-edited from the ground up to give a more satisfying read. This is the first book in a completed five book series.