It’s been ten months since Aldora and Raneth found the Dagger of Protection and saved Aldora’s village. Although the village is still undergoing repairs, the village assumes it’ll once more have a peaceful existence, despite never discovering why they were attacked or by whom.

Crime has been on the rise, and almost every dinner Aldora has invited Raneth to has seen him regretfully unable to come. As one of the few at the highest rank of royal officials – Giften Kingdom’s law enforcing soldiers – Raneth has continued his work to track down suspected and confirmed murderers.

So when he is recalled to the palace mere minutes after visiting to restock on supplies, Raneth is caught off-guard but willingly complies. Another royal official has been injured and is now unable to escort King Cray to the Kingdoms Conference – a meeting the king and his allied royals attend a few times per year to discuss their concerns.

Filling in for the other royal official draws Raneth’s focus away from Jules Rivermud, a suspected murderer with a blood-gift – a magic spell in the blood that is passed down to all of the suspected criminal’s children – right as the Jules enters Aldora’s village.

Jules makes his presence known, and Aldora is forced to prove her ability to the villagers she and Raneth saved, whom now worry over her safety as the Dagger Bearer – their protector. It doesn’t take long before Jules’ sons join him, with a plan to use Aldora against Raneth to permanently free their father from his pursuit.

Things go from bad to worse when King Cray and his escorts come under attack, and the king is kidnapped. Despite injuries, Raneth pursues the king’s captors, but it may prove too much for his allergy to young magic when he makes an almost fatal mistake.

The two friends team up once more, this time to rescue King Cray as a bloodhex kills Raneth the closer he gets to the king, and then to deal with Jules and his sons…