Promo Day 2019 Resources

Here are the promised extra resources for you, and don’t forget – if you have questions, please ask me.

Recommended Reads

Chris Fox’s Relaunch Your Novel: Breathe Life Into Your Backlist

Extra video Resources (playlist)

Even More (some Chris Fox playlists because he’s a master at explaining and covers a series relaunching on Youtube too and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you that and his playlist about building an email list:

The Power of your Backlist & The Product Family Map

Mailing Lists for Authors (4 videos).

Everything I asked Myself (except the Marketing Stuff)

  1. What needs to happen so I feel the relaunch was a success?
  2. Why do the relaunch? What went wrong and what do I want to address?
  3. What went right in the original launches and why is it considered “right”?
  4. How will the relaunch help and hinder my author career?
  5. Expected Prep timeframe?
  6. How will I promote the relaunched books and the new ones?
  7. Where do I want the series to end?
  8. Do I want future sub-series/spin-off series?
  9. How much is this going to cost?
  10. What stats should I track pre, during and post-launch?
  11. Should I get new book covers for books one, two and three?
  12. Do I want to bundle books together?
  13. Do I think it possible to get support from existing network of author buddies (and what is that support, exactly)?
  14. Instafreebie?
  15. Pre-launch promotional content
  16. During launch promotional content
  17. Post-launch promotional content
  18. Beta-readers?
  19. Goal setting – keeping progress going?
  20. Email list revamp
  21. Existing “fans” and are they REALLY fans?
  22.  Price of each ebook and paperback
  23. Hard-cover copies?
  24. Special edition copies?
  25. Create new book products on Amazon or update existing ones?

Remember if you have questions (or just want to discuss your relaunch with someone already in the relaunch trenches), feel free to contact me or to tweet me @draebox.