” I’m so grateful I asked you for advice with my client emails. ” – Vee, for email copywriting consultations, 30.8.18.

” I think I had an epiphany while reading this. Well, it may not be that dramatic, but while reading this, I got to the WHY section and wondered why I have been lax about the idea of getting up early to write, especially when I really do like to come home, do the evening Mom duties and spend time with my kiddo. In the asking, I realized all I had were poor excuses, no reasons.

Time for a change. 🙂

Thank you! ” – Angela Brown, reader of Drae’s article, How Busy Full-Time Working Writers can Find Time to Write, 17.1.17

” I was really struggling with not only adding conflict to the story in a more forthright manner but also was having problems with pacing and applying content in a more smooth and connective way. I knew [the issues] were there and yet could not seem to iron them out. [It was like] pulling at my hair and crying. Working with Drae is plain and simply a breath of fresh air. She gets me and what is more she gets my book! Not the way she would write it but the way it is trying to BE written and that is a skill I get excited about.

I am not stuck anymore. Oh still short on time in which to type and horrible at making it to the computer at every opportunity but, when I do have the time to sit and type I CAN and that is worth every penny.

I would and have recommended Drae to a couple others and may at some point in the future talk more to her about working with my niece. Truly for anyone that has the driving need to get a book written and yet needs someone to give them those extra insights, I would not hesitate a moment to mention Drae. ” – Nancy, a Novel Workshopping Student, 19.12.16

john ” Drae taught me a lot in understanding what directions I need to push and where I need to spend more time and money… Part of my frustration in the past, prior to Drae working with me was understanding self publication in this environment. My understandings about it, for all intent, was infantile at best. I blindly walked in with no knowledge and started publishing books with great dreams of creating a second income. I laugh now at that. Drae has provided me with the understandings and tools I need to make my writings more visible. It is now up to me to implement them. ” – John Sanders, Author of The Evolution Series. 28.10.16

samantha ” I wanted to join a community of writers that is all year round, unlike NaNoWriMo, and whilst I am getting involved with the Twitter writer community, the keep going challenges added more for me to follow. The challenges are also what I need at the moment. A push to get words down, especially as life is going to get very busy in the next few months.

It was partly for the books as well. The yearbook is always expensive and the library rarely has the most recent edition or one from previous years. On Writing is also a recommended book I haven’t managed to get my hands on whilst the rest are very intriguing and I think they could help me.

[The challenges] kept me motivated and made me write even a few words to keep pushing on. Not sure that would have happened otherwise. It was also nice to feel I was apart of a group of writers who were cheering each other on. ”

Samantha, participant of the #keepgoingwithdrae 7 Day Challenge, 9.9.16.

” The challenges were simplistic but in a good way – they were non-threatening… Because let’s face it. Us writers tend to be kinda shy until you let us talk. [The challenges] were a lot of fun to do, especially the one where I got to express my other interests. ” – Daniel Diaz, participant of the #keepgoingwithdrae 7 Day Challenge 9.9.16.

” I LOVE the hosting and Drae & the amazingness that is Draebox. ” – Kristen, a user of Draebox Web Hosting, 26.2.16

krista ” This is such a brilliant idea! I can’t believe I didn’t think of using it to get people to sign up. You are definitely in the right line of work, and I’m so grateful to have met you. ”
Author Krista Walsh, after sending a suggestion for her future book cover reveals, 21.2.16

@Draebox truly grateful for the dedication you put into your advices and in sharing resources. Thanks a lot!!
Maite (@daoinemaite) January 24, 2016

Lou Yardley” Wicked blog post as usual! You’ve got some great ideas here and I plan to use as many of them as possible from now on.

I especially like the idea of cross promotion in print and e-book. I always read the bits at the end of the book (I like to know about the author and the people they’ve thanked), so if I saw another book being promoted, I’d probably check it out. I have my short story coming out soon, so I’ll put this into practice then! ” – Author Lou Yardley, in response to Different Ways Authors Can Cross-Promote 3.5.2015

Older testimonials for Draebox Web Hosting and Web Design:

“This weekend all my sites went down over a nameserver issue. Drae responded consistently in a timely manner, and helped me through my random questions. Wonderful service through and through!”

Author Padraig O’C, a hostee of Draebox Web Hosting


“Absolutely impressed with the design I received from Drae. It’s everything I was hoping for and then some. The colors and images all go together very well and I just can’t take my eyes away from it! Drae was awesome about being on top of things if I needed assistance with something concerning the skin. 10/10 on customer service that’s for sure :). Thanks for the amazing skin!!” – Ash.


“I looooooooooooove it! All the colors and images go well with each other! And it’s so helpful that you put it in a file for me that I can just download it… or is that upload. I think upload. Beautiful!” – Chyrra.


“I am very happy with the final product. Drae got it done surprisingly quickly and captured exactly what I had pictured in my mind for my site. She also has been extremely helpful and has guided me through making minor changes to the skin several times. 10/10 – would most definitely commission her again!” – Susan.


“OHHHH wow!!! Soooo cool!!! I like it very very much! [The skin] matches the loading page which is super cool! And I love the colors! The sidebar is awesome! I am very happy!” – Bee, future author of Subtle War


“Sweet! Love the skin, getting a lot of good feedback from the pre-launch members too.” – Stephen, hostee and web design client.


“Everything is going smoothly and we’re very happy with the service.” – Tudor Rose Roleplayers, a hostee of Draebox Web Hosting


“The skin is beautiful. I couldn’t be happier!” – Mina.