The Royal Gift

Eight days to save her father, her friends and her home.

Aldora Leoma didn’t have a complicated life. As one of the teens in her village, she spent her time studying and helping her father in his blacksmithing and farrier trade. She has no grand ideas for her future as she wants to work with her father in the family business.

With peace in Giften Kingdom, Aldora and her village never expected the attack that came at dawn. Nor were they prepared for the attackers to be using gifts – magic abilities Giftens are born with. Outnumbered and facing more gifts than they can handle, Aldora and her village leader rush to get the Dagger of Protection. A magic artefact the village was gifted centuries before, the magic blade was one of six Weapons of Protection and was designed to save them from attacks.

Unfortunately for them, the Dagger is gone. Someone stole it the night before.

Aldora is tasked to inform the king of the village’s situation. But the king returns the burden of saving her father and everyone Aldora knows onto her shoulders, as there are no army units or royal officials near enough to help. With a bag of rations and the talking Prince of the Cats, Aldora is sent to find the Dagger of Protection.

With barely any knowledge of the kingdom’s geography and none on the art of finding thieves, Aldora struggles to understand how to save her father. When she rescues law enforcer Raneth Bayre from his family enemy, the Prince of the Cats orders him to assist her, pulling Aldora into the Bayre-Frey Feud.

Aldora knows that the villagers will hide in their outdated refuge but it only has eight days worth of food for the villagers to survive, assuming the entrance of the refuge isn’t found by the attackers first.


The Royal Gift is a fast-paced action story for teens that enjoy fantasy-adventure in atypical fantasy worlds, where swords are common but electrical goods and guns are starting to appear thanks to trade. 

Series or Standlone: Book One of The Common Kingdoms

Character World: Common Kingdoms (year 2005)

Genres: YA fantasy-adventure and coming of age.

Release Date:

2015 edition currently available on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and other good retailers.

2018 Remastered / New and Improved Edition will be exclusive to Amazon and available later in June 2019 (month subject to change).

Expected Formats: Kindle Ebook, paperback,  hardback and audiobook.