Dragons Needed (status: writing)

A standalone with series potential, Dragons Needed is a high-fantasy sword-and-sorcery story featuring a human, an elf and a jinn. This will be an independent release in 2020. Dwarves included.

A Blade So Twisted (status: in idea development)

(YA fantasy) This is another standalone but with duology potential. After reading Brigid Kremmerer’s A Curse So Dark and Lonely, I REALLY, REALLY, wanted to play with curses too! Then a scene popped into my head a few days later and I twisted the idea to include a curse. Then it went berserk. So this project (title subject to change) features a curse and three characters I already adore. I’m undecided if this story will be released in any way (traditionally or independently released) as I’m writing it for fun and personal training.

Forged in Magic (status: undergoing structural edits)

Set for an indie release, this is a fantasy standalone that I originally created on Youtube in 2017. It was a LOT of fun to write, but my understanding of story structure has come a long way since then, so structural edits may take a while.

Scarab’s Ink (working title, waiting its turn)

Marked for agents, this is a fantasy that was inspired by a weird dream I had that involved magic, ink and people’s tongues. It’s set in an Ancient Egypt-like fantasy setting and could be said to be a mixture of Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Evelyn Skye’s Circle of Shadows.

Wardless (waiting its turn)

Marked for agents, this is a fantasy story I’ve been dipping in and out of since 2017, and would love to get it to the front of the queue of projects and complete it.

Other Projects Bubbling?

There are a couple but I haven’t committed to exploring them further just yet.