Work with Me

In the past I have helped authors to:


Get more done.

Build their email lists.

Create a profitable website.

Build their Twitter following.

Build their Google Plus following.

Launch their first book.

Get a GREAT book cover that sells their books.

Format their ebooks.

Rework the structure of their novel so it appeals to the correct readers and is better overall.


I understand that we’re all working to budgets – many indie authors struggle just to pay a decent editor (assuming they can find a good one).

However, one-to-one support from me isn’t free anymore. I wish it was but my dog, Twitch, needs to eat and I still have bills to pay.


So if you don’t or can’t pay for my help, please check out my articles here at or my young Youtube Channel where I give advice and take Q&As for free. These are great to get you started and though they aren’t personalised to you, you can likely figure out how to make what I share apply to your specific needs.


If you still want to work with me and are prepared to pay a monthly or hourly fee (depending on the consultation setup that you need), please fill in the form below to get the ball rolling.



Can’t I just ask a Q&A instead of paying?

Sure, but there’s no promise I’ll answer it and I’ll be organising my answer to help more people than just you. That means my answer probably won’t be as specific to you and your needs but can help you get started. Wanna go this route? Ask here.


Can you give me a rough idea of how much this’ll cost?

It really does depend on how much of my time and support you need and how you want me to deliver that support. For example, a Skype call will actually be cheaper than email, but only if you send a list of things you want to cover beforehand so I can make pre-meeting notes. Consultations by email have taken me around four hours in the past to type up in great detail per email sent by the client.


Will you help everyone that asks?

No. If I get the sense you don’t follow things through, I’ll either say no or if we have worked together for a little bit, I’ll end our work together and I’ll say why. In the past I’ve had clients that didn’t do the work I set out for them and a small few others who thought paying me for help would get them to see something through to the end. If you need a kick-up-the-butt, I’m not going to work with you. You should already know how to make yourself do something and should love the work that comes with being an author to be doing this. Being an author isn’t a quick way to make money, so if that’s the only reason you’re publishing and can’t motivate yourself, you definitely aren’t somebody I want to work with.