About the Aim for More Podcast

The Aim for More Podcast is the return of my podcast which was previously hosted live on Blab.  When Blab closed its doors, it gave me the perfect opportunity to adjust what Aim for More was and how long each episode ran. Here’s the info you’re after:


  • Episodes take 20 minutes to record (30 minutes if we have a natter beforehand).
  • The episode’s intro and sponsor spots are added to the recording after the show.
  • There’s 10 questions guests answer, and you can see them before jumping on the recording session via Skype.
  • When it was recorded live on Blab, it was called Fantasy Author Success.
  • Previous guests include: Vasavi Kumar, Jonah Lobe, Zee Southcombe, Scarlett Van Dijk, Simon Cantan, Dave Higgins, Krista Walsh, Emma Lindhagen, John Sanders and Lou Yardley.
  • Upcoming and future guests do not have to be authors – Aim for More focuses on the lessons you have learned as you grow your success and our ideal listener are creative writers and thinkers.
  • Aim for More’s mission is to assist creative writers and thinkers to aim for more in their lives in success, productivity and happiness.
  • Guests require a microphone. In the event their mic quality interferes with the ease of listening, their interview may not be aired.
  • Guests are usually approached by me via Twitter, their website’s contact forms or via email.
  • If you feel you’re a perfect guest to inspire others to take action and grow their success, please contact me via Twitter.

Where are the episodes?

Right now the podcast’s new bi-weekly episodes are added to iTunes, Stitcher and here. If you are interested in being on the show and would like to hear a previous episode, please contact me (Drae) via Twitter  or the contact page here to get the discussion going and for more information.


Please Note…

I will only wait for guests to get onto Skype for the first 5 minutes you book. In the event you realise you can’t make it, just message me real quick – I won’t mind. I promise if this happens to me, I will extend you the same consideration and respect.


Listen to previous episodes:

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