Ready for some fun and book swag?

I’m growing my beta reader team and that means you could become a member of my ARC Community. Better yet, you’ll be sorted into one of two ARC houses – Majestic Griffins or Spitballing Dragons!

If you are a book reviewer, a fellow author buddy or a lover of all things #bookstagram, I’d like to invite you to become an ARC Community member.

What does it involve?

Members of the ARC Community become the heroes of my characters’ perils. No danger required 😉

You’ll be supporting me and my characters by spreading word of the trouble they find all over social media, Goodreads and (if you have one) your website. This means you’ll be sharing your honest thoughts about the books and series. At the same time, you’ll be sharing bookish photos on social media will be able to invite other readers to join the ARC Community. You’ll also help to let other readers know about the exclusive book swag all members of Majestic Griffins and Spitballing Dragons receive.

Book swag like… the ARC House competition prize.

How does it work?

After filling in the Initiation Form, you’ll be sorted into one of the two ARC Houses and I’ll send an email your way letting you know which house you’ve been sorted into.

The next time one of my books is gearing up for release, the Spitballing Dragons and Majestic Griffins will get an email, letting them know to expect their book box in the post. In the book box will be a hardback or paperback edition of the new book and accompanying it will be bookish items that you’ll love, including book sleeves, posters, bookmarks, pins and custom artwork specific to that book. The only thing not specific to the book is the character cards that’ll feature members of the ARC in their fantasy elements and their ARC House (prepared through the Initiation Form).

The ARC House Competition

Three days after all the book boxes have been received, the ARC House competition starts. The Griffins and Dragons will fly to social media and spread the word about the book, sharing their reviews and sharing photos of their bookish goodies.

The competition runs for three weeks in three stages, each stage won by the house that’s most vocal about the new book and that have brought in more ARC community members.

At the end of the four weeks, the house that brought the most awareness overall wins a bonus exclusive item, which will be sent to them through the post.



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