(Final) 2018 Update for Book Releases This Year

Sometimes we screw up and miss our goals.

This is one of those times. Sorry, guys.

At the beginning of the year and late last year, I had planned to release at least four books in 2018 (because of goals for 2019 and 2020 and 2025).

The downside was that I was an idiot and didn’t realise just how much work the series relaunch of The Common Kingdoms Series would be (not sure how I managed that) and as a result, how long it would take to do. I also didn’t take into account my patterns. I have a pattern where I’m intensely driven for 4-5 years on specific projects and then need a recharging period of about 4-6 months. That recharging period crashed into place around December 2017/January 2018 but I resisted for the series relaunch and Wardless. That screw-up of not accepting the recharging period set me back until I accepted that it had to happen – Wardless went through four rewrites in one year, I felt overwhelmed with the series relaunch of The Common Kingdoms and was starting to despise reworking The Royal Gift yet again.

In the past two months or so, I’ve crept back into work mode and that recharge period has made all the difference. It helps that I’m experimenting with a 12 week year goal system (and am Youtubing my experiment on Saturdays). Youtubing in general has also helped – it turns out I LOVE editing videos and creating videos for writers is a lot of fun too. It’s another creative outlet but takes much less time than a full novel, haha.

The downside is that I realised earlier this week that I can’t release new books this year for strategic reasons. Even if I launch my YA fantasy standalone, Forged in Magic, I’d still have the issue that if newcomers to my stories liked it (especially the new writing style and ability shown in FIM that helped cause the series relaunch in the first place), they’ll be disappointed by The Royal Gift and/or Threat enough that they’d never be interested in my characters’ lives again. I want to give readers the best chance of liking my stories that I can.

I am toying with the idea of maybe taking the currently published editions of The Royal Gift and Threat offline. For Threat that’ll be super-easy (it’s only on Amazon) but for The Royal Gift, that could prove harder as it’s on Kobo, which means other smaller, sometimes even independent ebook retailers may have it and it’ll be like pulling teeth from a sand dragon trying to get those smaller distributors to take them down. If I do do that, I may release Forged in Magic in December or January, but I’ll confirm if that’s a decision I make. I have toyed with the idea of launching FIM for free for a limited time, exclusively on Instafreebie but I’d still want to have finalised all structural and line-edits so it again depends on how much I can get done during this 12 week year goal system experiment and the last month of the year as well.

tl;dr – it looks like I won’t be releasing any new books this year, I may discontinue the currently published editions of The Royal Gift and Threat earlier than expected and I may or may not launch Forged in Magic quietly for free for a short time on Instafreebie before officially launching it.


Thank you to you wonderful draelings that are so understanding of all this. You’ll all be getting the advanced reader copies of all of next year’s releases in the post as my way of saying thank you for your ongoing support.