Writing Stories: From Idea to The End Youtube Series

Today I’ve started a new Youtube Series to help other fiction writers to get their stories written from idea to their end.

I’d love to share it with you!


What is it?

Writing Stories: From Idea to the End follows the creation of new stories I’ve thought of but haven’t yet done any work besides jotting down the basics of the idea.

Each season will cover one book’s full creation process.

Season One starts with End of Magic (working title), so you’ll be able to follow along and grab bits of my continually improving process that could help you. If you join Writers’ Club below, you’ll also get a free copy of the final version of the story (when it’s ready)!


Why watch the series?

Here’s just some of the bits you’ll see:

  • How to pick a story idea and get started (Episode One)
  • How to world build without flooding your manuscript with excessive world lore (starts in Episode One).
  • How to organise your world lore with a World Companion (starts in Episode One)
  • How to write the blurb/backcover copy about your book (starts in Episode One)
  • How I pick character names (Episode One).
  • How to outline/plan your story.
  • How to use pantsing (making it up as you go) work for your plan, character development and world building (Episode Two).
  • Getting on with writing it (Episode Four onwards)
  • How to run a full structural review and edit.
  • How to do a line edit run before handing off to your editor.
  • Getting a professional book cover designed.
  • Independently publishing and prepare an awareness building campaign.

Follow along on my Youtube channel or by joining Writers’ Club below to get updates on the story’s progress and advanced sneak peeks.


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