For Live Write Thrive Readers

It’s time to end the frustration of finding time to write.

As promised, I’ve two worksheets for you and a third bonus resource!

The Reverse Why Worksheet

This worksheet will help you understand and use this easy technique I developed during my early waking experiment. It will also help you to:

  • Stop feeling guilty at the end of the day because this time you will get some writing done.
  • Remove the frustration of finding time to write when you have so many commitments.
  • Get words onto the page without using guilt-tripping or rewards to take action and write.

The Primary and Secondary Desires Worksheet

Working you through determining your primary and secondary desires, this worksheet will let you find out if writing really is as important to you as you think, and shatters any excuse that puts something else before it that isn’t as important to you. It also helps with:

  • Finding out what you’re really interested in doing right now.
  • Knowing what your future success looks like.

BONUS Resource: How to Always have Time to Write!

I wanted to make sure that if you got your butt in the chair to write, you’d also know what to write as soon as you did, so there would be no time wasted and you would be able to get more writing done. In my bonus resource, How to Always have Something to Write, I walk you through seven things you can do before you’ve even sat down to write, and four more for when you do sit down to write.

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