[Q&A] What do you think are the best avenues for book marketing? Is your blog enough?

What do you think are the best avenues for book marketing? Is your blog enough? I know social media, but are there any particular ways to go? Twitter? FB? Instagram? Do you recommend joining giveaways if you can?




When you look at book marketing, at it’s core it’s building awareness.

Building awareness = book sales and a growing fanbase.

I think the best avenues for building awareness changes over time and is dependent on the type of fans you want to build ready to sell a product (in this case, our books). It’s also specific to you as an individual – if you don’t like Facebook, don’t try and push yourself into being an active participant over there. Go where you’re strongest first if your readers are there too, and expand from there.

I’ve had a lot of success building awareness over on Twitter (2010 to present day, various projects) and Google Plus (2014-2015, my author website). Right now I’m also starting to crush it over on Instagram.  The key question to ask yourself is:

Do my potential readers hang out there?

If the answer’s yes, you may want to spend some time doing outreach and promotional activity there. Anywhere where your readers are you need to be and be fairly active. The more active you are, the more you’ll grow your fanbase.  I do recommend that your fanbases on social media should be invited to join an email list too. Writers’ Club members will be walked through a new way I do this in 2017.

Going back to outreach and promotional activity, promotional activity isn’t, “buy my book.” Find more creative ways to get people interested in your stories – explore your characters, world, and write articles that could be of interest to your readers. Don’t make the mistake of talking about writing unless you have another non-author service to provide to people that comes back to writing. Readers want to get to know you and hear about your stories in ways that makes it interesting.

Giveaways can help, but only when done strategically – if you can, get the statistics of the other authors taking part – their follower count, their subscribers (most won’t like sharing this), how they will promote the giveaway, how blog posts will be written by other participants. Decide from that if it will be worth your time and (if you’re looking to get back your author expenses) if the shared net profit will budge your income needle enough for it to be a good trade-off for you.

As for blogs – they can be a strong component you can use in your outreach and promotional activity, but should not be used without outreach that leads back to it.


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” I wanted to join a community of writers that is all year round, unlike NaNoWriMo, and whilst I am getting involved with the Twitter writer community, the keep going challenges added more for me to follow. The challenges are also what I need at the moment. A push to get words down, especially as life is going to get very busy in the next few months. [The challenges] kept me motivated and made me write even a few words to keep pushing on. Not sure that would have happened otherwise. It was also nice to feel I was apart of a group of writers who were cheering each other on. ” – Samantha, a member of Writers’ Club and a participant of the free #keepgoingwithdrae Challenge.

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