Samson & Oleana

Returning to active projects, Samson & Oleana will grace your kindles in the near future.

If you like kick-ass main characters, Samson and Oleana are your cup of tea!

Samson is the seemingly innocent of the two. A minotaur that is duty-bound to Oleana, Samson is discovering what it means to be in the presence of humans for the first time. With an affinity for animals, this donkey-looking minotaur just wants to make friends and learn more of the world away from his home island.

Oleana isn’t so innocent. Once captured for the theft of a king’s pyjamas, Oleana saved Samson’s life in the arena where both were sentenced to death. Saved in turn from a grizzly death in the arena, Oleana seeks fame and riches through her mercenary work. Prepared to steal and where necessary, spill blood, Oleana’s moral compass is only kept in check by samson’s sulking face…


Samson & Oleana is a fast-paced series with nine books planned, built as three trilogies.