It’s been a year since Aldora Leoma became the youngest Dagger Bearer. Now the assistant village leader of her home, she aids her village in staying safe by patrolling the streets. Yet it is on one such night that she is attacked by the head of the murderous Rivermud family, catapulting her into Royal Official Raneth Bayre’s life once more. As they work together to find her attacker, the king is kidnapped, and they are called upon to be a winning team once more.

Can the Dagger Bearer and royal official succeed two years in a row?


Series or Standalone: Book Two of The Common Kingdoms

Character World: Common Kingdoms

Genres: YA fantasy-adventure and fantasy-crime

Release Date: October 2016.

Series Relaunch Edition: (completely rewritten) estimated July 2019

Expected Formats: Kindle ebook, audiobook, paperback and hardback.